Polar CS100

Polar CS100
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Polar's CS100 is just what recreational cyclists asked for! The CS100 puts Polar's famed heart-rate measurement together with a host of cyclo-computer features. The heart-rate monitor features maximum and average heart rate to help you make the most of every training and riding session. You can keep track of distance as well as the maximum and average speed of your two-wheeled fun. The CS100 even includes top-notch features such as auto start and stop so you can focus on riding, not programming your computer.

-Wireless ECG-accurate heart rate
-Heart rate (displayed as bpm)
-Heart rate (displayed as % of maximum heart rate)
-Automatic/Manual target zone (% / bpm) 
-Exercise Set (extended exercise profiles)
-Polar OwnZone: personal exercise session feature
-Polar OwnCal: tracks calories burned
-Polar OwnCode: personal transmission feature
-Target zones with visual alarm
-Target zones with audible alarm
-Polar ZonePointer: indicates a pre-set target zone reached
-Dome button with touch response and sound
-Double antenna (longer range, less disturbance)
-HeartTouch button-free operation of wrist unit
-Maximum heart rate of total exercise
-Average heart rate of total exercise
-Minimum heart rate of total exercise
-Average heart rate of each lap
-Maximum heart rate of each lap
-Automatic lap recording (50 laps)
-Exercise set (extended exercise profiles)
-Exercise date
-Trip time
-Trip distance
-Lap time
-Lap distance
-Speed (current, average and max)
-Wheel size settings for two bicycles
-Bike mount
-Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)
-Graphical comparison of heart rate and speed
-Calorie consumption rate/km
-Calorie consumption rate/hour
-Auto start/stop
-Automatic display scroll
-UpLink: settings upload from Polar web site (requires PC w/sound card and headphones/loudspeakers)
-Multifunctional handlebar/stem installation
-Wireless speed sensor
-Speed sensor installation for different fork shapes
-Exercise file info page
-Time in target zone
-Target zone limits
-Water resistant (to 10 meters)
-Time of day (12/24h)
-Date and weekday indicator
-Low-battery indicator
-User-replaceable battery
-Compatible with Polar Cycling Coach web service

With cadence sensor (sold separately):
-Maximum Cadance
-Average Cadance